Nature-city walks

Nature in the city. Wonderful films have been made about it.
In a city like Amsterdam, there are 10,000 species.
Very rare ones too. But you usually cycle past that.

A royal lime tree is a lime tree that is planted in honour of a change of throne in the Netherlands. For this purpose a cultivar of the shrinking lime tree is used, Tilia europaea 'Pallida'.
When Princess Wilhelmina became queen on 31 August 1898, the first royal lime trees were planted ('Wilhelmina lime trees').
They were then specially cultivated for the occasion. This was repeated when Princess Juliana became queen on September 6, 1948 and Princess Beatrix on April 30, 1980.
This walk goes from the railway station to the Oosterpoort, where we'll find a little surprise.
(the meeting point is at the main entrance of Hoorn railway station).
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Art, culture and nature. It all comes together on Visserseiland. Come and hear the stories on the Hoorn coast.
Take a look at the Markermeer, put yourself in the shoes of the fisherman's wife of yesteryear, and come and marvel at the jewels of Mother Nature. Bring binoculars!

(The meeting point is at the car park at ZUIDeten, Visserseiland 214, 1621 AA Hoorn).

The Julianapark in Hoorn is full of surprises.
Until the end of the 16th century, the Fluytschepen were moored here, but gradually land was reclaimed, and this recreational area came into being. The local militia also practised here. Apart from a football pitch and a sunbathing beach, nature has a lot to offer. Special plants, exotic trees and mysterious mushrooms may surprise you. Strolling along the Markermeer, weather or no weather, is wonderful. Especially when the waves crash over the quay!