Class work

School work is inspiring to me...

I have been involved with nature since childhood.
In the 70's there were no personal computers.
No smartphones, no digital games.
So, we just played outside. 

I joined a nature club in 1973,
for six years, and I am still glad that
that was my childhood. I would like to pass that on.

There are many programmes for kids and teenagers.
I would like to share them. Discover together,
create together, enjoy together. No smartphones,
no external stimuli. Of course within
the curriculum and the TULE guidelines.

Join us on a voyage of discovery!

NatuurWijs wants to reconnect children with nature. That is why we offer a nature programme for primary schools. The children spend a morning, a whole day or three times a whole day with a NatuurWijzer in the woods or on the moors. Or a park. There, they can look, feel, smell, listen and taste. I am happy to tell you more about it. You can find more information here.

After school you would like to have a nice hobby. For one it might be football, for another ballet. But nature has so much more to offer. This programme gives you a head start and lets you discover what nature has to offer. Together we can put together a fun (mid)day, where nature, education and fun live in symbiosis. You can always go home! Ask here about the offer.

Wonderwel: technology of everyday life. Wonderwel for primary schools consists of 8 thematically structured series of lessons, each year a new theme, possibly supplemented by an excursion. In this way, the pupils gain insight, in a playful manner, into the special interplay between nature and technology in the provision of our basic services.
The learning line is a joyful introduction to sustainability. You can find further information here.